I’m a real estate developer, broker, and investor working in Washington, D.C. I consider myself a D.C. native although that’s not completely true. I grew up country hopping in Africa as my parents were international development types, and I’ve lived in Zambia, Ethiopia, Guinea, and Liberia. I earned my BA in Business Administration from Morehouse College, and after working in financial services for a few years, I decided to pursue my passion of building awesome buildings, cities, and communities. I earned my MS in Real Estate Development form MIT, and since then, I’ve been brokering, developing and managing real estate here in the nation’s capital. I’m working on my French, my creative writing, and absorbing flying tackles from my five year old without getting injured.

Design Real Estate

My first project as an investor was a small four unit building I renovated. I made an unsolicited offer to buy the display kitchen at Ikea for 50 cents on the dollar. I got three units worth of kitchens out of that deal.

Let's link up

Let's link up on LinkedIn. I love the publishing feature and being able to keep up with friends and colleagues in real time.


My Graduate Thesis was entitled "Ghost Towers: Distressed Condominium Investing in Atlanta". You can download it here. I got a few things right and a few things wrong. I've also written numerous articles for publication, a reasonably well-received chapter in a music critique, and was the editor in chief of my college newspaper, The Maroon Tiger


I'm an investor in Zawadi Arts, a retail shop in the U Street neighborhood in DC. I'm proud to have helped provide a retail outlet for some phenomenal emerging designers and artists. Here, I'm in Dakar with Moussa, a Touareg silver artisan.

Art + Music

I'm a huge fan of the arts. I've been to Art Basel and Coachella. Still have to go to Burning Man and O2. I love the Hirschorn in DC, and the National Portrait Gallery usually has some really cool exhibits.