I hate running. I hate it with a passion. I hate it with my heart, my soul, and my soles. ( get it, soles, running…I’ll see myself out). I love playing flag football, soccer, basketball, tennis, even Top Gun-style shirtless volleyball set to music. I hate running because 1. it’s boring and 2. I’m jealous of those people that get so much out of it. So despite my deep hatred for the sport, I’ve instituted a new series to overcome my distaste and help build up my cardio and endurance for those sports I do enjoy. When something isn’t natural to you, one of the easiest ways to adapt to it is to gamify it. Gamification is a buzzword. You may dig it or think it’s bull***t. But lets give it a college try here. I decided to take a run from my neighborhood over to my gym (two neighborhoods over) and check out some projects on the way. Here’s my route:

You can check out a live interactive map of my route here:

1. Chik Fil-A is coming!
Address: 1401 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington DC
Project: Reuse of the old Checkers site. Expect the site to draw traffic down 14th Street and maybe give a little bump to SoH, which is a completely made up name I just patented for the neighborhood directly South of H. Clever huh? No, not so much? OK, I’ll see myself out.


2. Pierce School Lofts
Address: 1375 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington DC
Project: Reseal of this massive 30,000 SF 10-unit hyper luxury school conversion. Nice stabilized asset for someone looking for a safe place to park cash but not much in terms of yield or value-add opportunities


3. The Corey
Address: 1111 Orren St. NE, Washington DC
Project: 49 unit condo building by Lock 7. Corner retail represented by Pulse Property Group. Along with the Ditto projects, really helps to fill in the East end of Florida Ave.


4. The Hendrix
Address: 1326 Florida Ave NE, Washington DC
Project: 45 unit multi family apartments by Ditto residential. One of Ditto’s more mainstream productions, and one of a whole slew of the company’s on Florida Ave.


5. 1112 Montello
Adress: 1112 Montello Ave. NE, Washington DC
Project: 9 unit Condo by Thornton Development plus 6 apartments and retail.


6. 1231 Florida
Address: 1231 Florida Ave. NE, Washington DC
Project: Nothing new here, but there’s a lot of retail space that’s been for lease for a while (3500 SF on two levels give or take) and would be a great restaurant or neighborhood retail location.


7. 1006 Florida Ave. NE
Address: 1006 Florida Ave. NE, Washington DC
Project: This restaurant site has been available for lease for a while and is now offered for sale. With the booming density, the right restaurant concept would probably do well here.


8. Oslo
Address: 1219 Florida Ave. NE, Washington DC
Project: Ditto has gone the Nike route of sub-branding the Oslo co-living concept and introducing it as its own line. These are 8 five bedroom apartments designed to compete with group homes for young professionals. Or people who have a lot of houseguests, I guess.


9. Havana Condos:
Address: 913 Florida ave. NE, Washington DC
Project: Here’s a 49-unit condo project by Sequar Development


10. Morse St. Mews
Address: 1123 Morse st. NE, Washington DC
Project: Nice looking modern residential project on a row home street. Looks like only one unit remaining here.


Hope you enjoyed the #realestaterun and in future episodes, I’ll recount my run back through Ivy City. Looking for a project of your own in the neighborhood? Let us know and we can help you with your acquisitions and leasing needs.